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March 10, 2011


My Patriotism Led To My Affair

by Clay Staggs

That’s essentially what Newt Gingrich, who appears from all indications to be running for President, said of the affair that ended his marriage while he was Speaker of the House. Get this:

Thereâ??s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate. And what I can tell you is that when I did things that were wrong, I wasnâ??t trapped in situation ethics, I was doing things that were wrong, and yet, I was doing them. I found that I felt compelled to seek Godâ??s forgiveness. Not Godâ??s understanding, but Godâ??s forgiveness. I do believe in a forgiving God. And I think most people, deep down in their hearts hope thereâ??s a forgiving God.

Somebody once said that when weâ??re young, we seek justice, but as we get older, we seek mercy. Thereâ??s something to that, I think. I feel that Iâ??m now 67 Iâ??m a grandfather. I have two wonderful grandchildren. I have two wonderful daughters and two great sons-in-law. Callista and I have a great marriage. I think that Iâ??ve learned an immense amount.

And I do feel, in that sense, that God has given me, has blessed me with an opportunity as a person. Forget about all this political stuff. As a person, Iâ??ve had the opportunity to have a wonderful life, to find myself now, truly enjoying the depths of my life in ways that I never dreamed it was possible to have a life that was that nice.

Got that? He was so busy trying to save the country, that he just couldn’t help his cheating. Ooof.

What’s frustrating is that if you start reading after the bolded text, what he goes on to say isn’t half bad. It’s just that offering up such a patent self-justification (and a super weak one at that) obliterates all the stuff that comes after it.

Politically, I’m not a huge Newt fan, and I don’t think he’ll be the Republican nominee - especially if he keeps spouting off like this. On the other hand, the more I see of Herman Cain, the more I like him. For any GOP political junkies out there, here’s a fix:

1. On or around Mar 17, 2011 at 12:10 p.m. Prathima said...

Just now reading this...and I'm disgusted. The phrase "and things happened in my life that were not appropriate" is so indicative of the willingness to accept that sin just "happens" to people, rather than showing some ownership for mistakes, and ultimately, repentance. I do realize that this attitude is a desire to put the blame on someone else's shoulders - didn't both Adam and Eve show this in attitude in the garden of Eden?

Still, call a spade and spade and let's try to remember that sin doesn't just "happen."

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